Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finding Inspiration

I've been thinking and reading a lot about inspiration this week. I keep a file of different kinds of jewelry that I often look through to inspire me. But I think that sometimes it might be helpful to open my eyes a little wider and see what other artists and artisans are doing.

I was reading my fellow Skwiggaziner Stacy's blog, Busy Mommy Product Review and found out that she is part of an interactive art project called The Grid. I went to their website and found examples of many artists' work. The pictures of each work form a collage which is both beautiful and inspiring. If you are in a creative slump and looking for inspiration, check it out!


Sara Rose Tutus said...

I love The Grid. I think it is so neat!

ChezChani said...

Love the colours of The Grid. Thanks for sharing.

Anna Lee said...

Hi Teresa!
Is there any way to view the Skwiggazine without logging in?

And would you consider sharing with eSMArts how you got involved, your contributions and overall experiences with it? sounds very interesting.

Marjorie said...

Thanks for sharing this - The Grid is a great idea and I'll be sending a photo off to them as soon as I get a chance.