Monday, August 4, 2008

Real Life Intrudes

Well, I have made a couple of pieces of jewelry this week,but I haven't had time to photograph or post them.

While I am on vacation I have spent the last week working on my teaching license. It expired in June and I need to get it renewed before school starts in September. So, I have spent the last week logging all the reading and research that I did over the last year and writing about how that impacted my teaching. While I'm always happy that I've done this after the fact, the actual doing it is not fun! I love doing research and am always looking for ways to improve my teaching methods, but writing about it is more of a chore for me. Now, if you ask me about it, I can talk your ear off!

Another artist who has had to put her creativity on hold for the last week for educational purposes is Annette Piper. You can read all about her experience home schooling her son for a week on her blog, as well as check out her beautiful jewelry.


Annette Piper said...

Thanks for the mention Teresa! Isn't it funny how we get annoyed when the mundane intrudes in our creative time :) We really are fortunate, aren't we!

Anonymous said...

life has a tendency to interfere w/my studio all the time! //g// but that's okay, b/c TAG, you're it! ;)


Anonymous said...

Once, just once, I'd like to have a vacation that's actually a vacation...