Saturday, June 21, 2008

Transition Time

Phew! I finally have a few minutes to get my thoughts together. These past few weeks have been very busy. It seems like everyone and everything close to me is going through some kind of transition.

My oldest son Andrew is graduating from Boston University and moving into his own apartment in Boston. My middle son Ethan graduated from Salem High School and will be going off to college in the fall.

My house is also in transition. We moved everything out of the office/den to install a new hardwood floor (it's beautiful, thanks Tommy!). At the same time I moved the desk to the family room to set up a new work space, which I'm still organizing. I'm also getting ready for the big graduation party next week. Then I hope to get back to business.

My first year of teaching kindergarten came to a successful close with a beautiful graduation at Searles Castle.

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The children felt like they were in a fairy tale. During their last few weeks of school we spent lots of time talking about their feelings of excitement and nervousness at moving on to first grade. It was sad to see these 39 children move on, but very gratifying.

Going back to clean up the classroom after the last day I had to strip everything from the ceiling and walls. I was left with a sterile, cold classroom. It is amazing how much energy color can add to our lives. I think this is why the work of Cherished Dreams speaks to me. Her use of color is both vibrant and sophisticated. If you could use a shot of energy for your work or living space check out her work.


ChezChani said...

Oh I love hardwood floors! Good luck w/all your transitions.

Annette Piper said...

I've got polished floorboards through our living areas and bedrooms and tiles in the rest. Love them. So easy to care for and the wood ones are warm to walk on (unlike the tiles!!).

You asked me if the spacers in the cuff bracelet were made by me - yes they are. I find it easier to make them to fit the size of the pearls than to use bought ones which are usually too small. They work well.