Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crazy for Copper

I originally started working with copper wire as a way to "practice" before working with more expensive sterling silver wire. I now feel confident enough to work in silver, but along the way I developed quite a crush on copper. I love the freedom of being able to experiment and not worry about the cost. Also, being of Irish heritage, I have very pale skin and copper, either in its shiny state or oxidized, looks much better with my skin tone. Much of what I make in copper I do go on to make in silver, but have come to think of copper as a precious metal, at least precious to me. Here is a sampling of some of my copper pieces.

Fluorite and Copper Pendant

Copper Wrapped Unakite Pendant

These bangles are so fun to make. My friend Paul dismantled an old drill and made me a wire wrapping tool which is clamped to my table. It is great for twisting wire as well as wrapping it around a mandrel. It's made from parts we found in my basement, so it sure isn't pretty, but it works, it was free, and I love it. At some point I'll take some pictures of my work table and post them.

Copper Coiled Bangle

Copper Coiled Bangle with Green Porcelain Beads

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Dina Cuomo said...

I am crazy for copper too. Your designs are wonderful!